Dreamers have ideas, Doer's have plans

I truly had to sit and contemplate what these words truly meant for me. (Dreamers have ideas, Doer's have plans).  I sat at my job like any other day frustrated about barely making ends meet and being in an unhappy state. It wasn't what I love or even what I wanted to do. For months I was researching starting a Boutique, but I was more scared than nervous. It would be a major risk that I could fail at, money spent that I don't have. As I thought about it, I realized I listed all the negatives, but not once did I see the positive. 

I was taking a stand to no longer be the dreamer and instead  be a doer. I didn't know where to start. So, I seek advice from a friend I know in the business world and every time I was clueless I would reach out to him with a question, and each time I was nervous to ask because I don't like rejection, and I didn't want him to feel annoyed with me constantly badgering him. I was nervous he would not help, again I saw the negative and not the positive. He was truly happy to help and guide me with the many questions I had. 

I knew I had a goal and I knew no matter how many times I ask myself what if it doesn't work, my actions would be the total opposite or proof of success. I didn't have any cash from my paycheck to get started so I looked at my savings account and it was below $500.00. I felt this was enough to get me started but then I questioned myself again because this was me trying to save towards a house in the next couple years (I was a bit behind on how much I would need to close on a home, but it was a start). I realized I questioned my choices a lot, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, the issue was I saw more negative and not enough positive. I knew if I wanted to be successful I had to change my way of thinking. So, I decided this money in my savings would be an investment in my business but most importantly an investment in myself and my family.


An amazing husband who said he would support me was music to my ears.

So; The dream and Plans of Chic De La Boutique was born. 

God was my rock through this process.

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